Hello everybody! I'm very glad to be able to welcome you on my blog! 

My name is Julita, I am Lithuanian girl currently living in Germany and trying to get some place under the (fashion) sun :) 
I admire the art of clothes, have a weakness for accessories, passion for beauty, fashion photography, travelling and life itself. 

Why blogging? - I think I need a cosy corner, my little world, where I can collect and share my creation, DIY ideas, and inspirational photos, that reflect my taste in fashion and lifestyle. 

My style? - constantly changing, only love for interesting vintage details, romantic baroque style stays.

Follow my blog and let yourself be inspired! :)

On my blog I use these abbr.:
DIY- Do It Yourself
FFE- Food For Eyes (inspirational photos, that satisfy not only my eyes but also soul) :)
S/S- Summer/Spring
F/W- Fall/Winter

All photos, if photo source is not mentioned, belong to me- so please contact me before you "borrow" any of them! ;) 

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