Hello dears, 
I don't know why, but this year I was not very enthusiastic about Easter decoration and I thought this time I will skip the preparing process, because I'm totally not in Easter mood. But last week during the walk in the park these birch branches caught my eyes: they were simply lying on the ground and then this DIY idea born in my head. I think it is a really great last minute decoration for your home, which will give a natural touch of nature for your Easter table. 
Fallen birch branches and brown metal wire, that I used for this DIY
At first I would like to show you the result, how I decorated my home with this birch wreath and then I'll present shortly the steps how I made it. Deal? :)

So, do you like my nature inspired table decoration? If yes, here are the steps I made:

STEP 1:With the small piece of metal wire fix several a little bit longer branches together:

STEP 2: make a circle
STEP 3: Fix the circle in three of four places with wire:
STEP 4: Fill the prepared background with the rest of branches: 
So looks the finished wreath: 
 As you already seen I left my wreath completely natural, but If you like you can decorate yours with cute colorful bows, green moss, little eggs or pearls. It is almost like decorating the Christmas wreath, but with the Spring supplies :)
I hope you enjoyed this post and you'll use some ideas from it! ;) Have a calm and spiritual Easter lent time! 
Kisses! :*

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