Wednesday, February 12, 2014


Hello dears,

How is your week? :)
Finally I found some time to take a look in my mobile phone gallery and make a little January preview with my impressions. To say truth it's really interesting to remember the outfits I worn and all the beautiful and interesting things I saw... And how about you, are you making quick shots to capture the looks you wear, or maybe the tasty things you eat ? :) 

New in- chic and very comfortable(!) high-heels
My Moschino family
Lovely H&M shoes for real ladies
Details of the outfits
Absolutely the biggest January cultural highlight- Ignition 3-2-1, full preview soon on my blog ;)

My casual outfits (1)
My casual outfits (2)
My outfits (3)
My most favorite nail-art on the right, and neutral grey nail polish for stylish daily looks