Fashion+classical music=I'm in!!! Because what can be better than this? :) On 29th January I visited ignition 3-2-1 in Düsseldorf. The main idea of this project: together with music and fashion to tell the story. Professional symphony orchestra with design department students provided for great musical and visual entertainment. It was without doubt one of the most amazing cultural evenings I visited lately, not to forget that it was my first fashion show. So you can imagine how much it means for me. :)

During the pause audience were able to see how models get their make-up done by maybelline team
To say truth: so much stylish people in one place I haven't seen in Germany yet! :)  
 In the picture above you can see a part of the presented collections. Sadly, it was not allowed to take the pictures or videos during the show, but still I risked I made this little video, which perfectly conveys the mood of the evening. :) More professional pictures from showed collections you can find here.

What made this evening even more magical was the location: the Tonhalle was founded in the 1926 on the River Rhine in Dusseldorf and it actually supposed to be a planetarium. As often in history, things turned out very differently and in the 1970th the planetarium was transformed into a concert hall. The acoustics are simply amazing thanks to the sophisticated and refined sound deflection. Visually, the Tonhalle is through LEDs and a sophisticated lighting, today again what it actually always was: "the planetarium of music ". 
Modern metro stop near the Tonhalle cached my eyes immediately
Taking  a look closer...
And even more closer
The Tonhalle, Düsseldorf, Germany
Breathtaking ceiling of the Tonhalle
 And here is the official event trailer after seeing it it was clear for me - I have to see it! :)

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