Hello dears,

Here I am again with my DIY ideas :)

Inspired by androgynous style and all the clear cuts, today I would like to present you one of my recent re-sew/ re-do works - my DIY shirt, which I made out of an old men shirt, which belonged to my boyfriend :). Actually, at the beginning I didn't have the clear vision how my shirt is going to look like after reconstruction, but with the final result I'm satisfied.

P.S. Click on the picture in order to open the gallery and enjoy pictures in full quality! ;)

Shirt before and after:

I'm pretty sure there are plenty ways how you can re-sew such shirt, but if you like my way of doing it, here are short directions how you can get the same result:

  1. Cut off the sleeves, the bottom and side seams of the shirt;

  2. Narrow the shoulders and side seams simply cutting all the material you don't need off. :)

  3. Sew the shortened sleeves back onto the shirt;

  4. Sew side seams together;

  5. Finish the shirt by folding and sewing the bottom seam. 

Asymmetrical button cut for more edgy and stylish look! 

My last tip for all DIY projects is simply ENJOY the process of creation! And it means to me, don't be afraid of making the mistakes :) For example, for this shirt I wasn't even using the ruler or measuring tape. :)


If you have any questions - don't hesitate ;)

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