JuliTasteFashion Handmade Watch Collection

Hello dears,
I think I was preparing this little watch collection almost two months... No, these watches are not so hard to make, but buying supplies, creating design, making and adjusting photos when you are officially working 6 days in a week, is however not the easiest task to do :)  What is more, together with my watches I wanted to present you my new blog logo, which is not perfect yet, but I think I'm on the right way :) What do you think?

About Collection: At the beginning I wasn't even thinking about making THE COLLECTION, I just wanted to make some original, easy to style and elegant watches for myself. But once I started I couldn't stop :) And now, as it is a little bit unpractical and illogical to use all these watches only for my own needs, you can buy one of them or I can make a watch for YOU personally!  In both cases, don't hesitate to contact me! :)

And now - let's enjoy together the final result of my collection! ;)

P.S. Click on the picture in order to open the gallery and enjoy the pictures in full quality!

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