DIY - Original T-shirt Appliqué

Hello dears,

This DIY T-shirt already counts second year in my closet, but I think this idea how refresh basic T-shirt is really worth to share :) 

First of all I have a question for you- what you usually do with your old bags and wallets? 
I think most of you answered: "Well... I throw them away or give it to my little sister, friend or friendly neighbor"- Am I right? :) In my case, as I'm a little bit obsessed with DIY, before I throw something away I make sure I keep everything, what can still be re-used, for the future:) For example, this printed part of T-shirt decoration (in the picture below) was taken of an old wallet! Yes, I know it sounds a little bit crazy, but this wallet had this beautiful flower print so I just couldn't throw it simply  in the rubbish bin. 
(By the way, from the same wallet I cut also card holder, which I used for my agenda: )

So now short description how I made this T-Shirt decoration:
  • Cut a piece of leather or material with a print you would like to see later on your shirt;
  • Sew it on the shirt;
  • Frame this material by sewing lace tape around it;
  • Enjoy your original T-shirt! :)

If you like this T-Shirt, I would be very thankful, if you vote for it on Facebook or Instagram (Links are given below)! Because I'm participating in the DIY contest "Aussome Summer-Shirt" and I need your support :)

Thank you!!! :)

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