DIY - Denim Shorts

I cant imagine S/S season without comfortable denim shorts. I think you too. Am I right? But the problem is, that if you want to buy shorts now, you have to be ready to pay for them more than 20 Euro, and in my opinion, it is too much for such a piece. That's why I decided to make hot season shorts by myself. I think it's almost the most easiest DIY project that can be created/found, but maybe I'll inspire you to re-use your old jeans and thereby save some money :)

P.S. Click on the picture in order to open the gallery and enjoy the pictures in full quality!

This is how looks my DIY denim shorts now!

And here is photo story how I made them!

Well well well, just take a look at these awful denim Capri pants! I have to cut them right now!

Much better! :)

Let's prepare them for sewing! (And then sew, of course)

Add some studs in order to look trendy!

Final result ready to wear! :)

Have a nice day!

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