Visiting Beautiful Roma - Day Two

Today I would like to show you photos from the second day of my travel to Rome:). During the second day we visited Colosseum, St. Peter Basilica, Trevi Fountain, Castel S. Angelo, Pantheon and several beautiful squares, that look simply amazing in the evening.
About the outfit: According to the weather-forecast this day should have been also rainy, that's why I chose black pants and leather jacket. But it was such a sunny and beautiful day, that at the end I felt a little bit too black, but with my DIY necklace and grey cut-out shirt I think I made the whole outfit more interesting :)

Enjoy the photos! ;)

Colosseum "interior" :)

View through Colosseum "window"

St. Peter Basilica, ceiling

St. Peter Basilica interior 

Trevi Fountain

 Trevi Fountain

 What can I say more - Rome is simply beautiful and inspiring... :)

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