Perfect Bag For Spring/Summer 2013

Hello ladies,

I know, it's still cold outside here in Europe and it doesn't look like spring at all, but I think it's already the right time to fill our wardrobes with suitable spring/summer clothes, accessories and of course BAGS! :) As I recently have been looking for such "perfect" bag for every day, I decided that my findings may be also useful for you. So let's take a look what internet shops can offer for us!

1. Definitely my number 1 is this Chanel like bag: not too big, not too small, "tasty" pastel colors and simply chic! I found it on the internet shop: for 50,99$. (If you know where I can find this bag cheaper, I would be grateful for sharing this information with me ;)

2. The pattern of this bag is simply beautiful and I already can see how amazing it would look like with light white lace dress and elegant summer hat... Sadly, but for this beauty you have to pay 119,99$ (at least on this internet shop)...

Photo source/ available to buy: //

3. I know black bag for spring or summer is almost "No Go", but I have to show you this original fashionable beauty for 39,99$. I guess Lady Gaga fans should be kind of impressed of it :)

Photo source/ available to buy: //

4. This bag I found on eBay for only 15,99 EUR. Elegant, fashionable, affordable(!) and easy to style. Recommend it!  

Photo source/ available to buy:

5. Another fashionable bag model: 

Photo source/ available to buy (66$):

The same model, but in different colors and much cheaper (14,59 EUR+ shipping) you can also buy on eBay:

Photo source/ available to buy:

6. One more cute, but still elegant nude bag:

Photo source/ available to buy (54,99$)://

7. Big, comfortable to use and interesting looking - doctor style bag on eBay in different colors for 25,99 EUR+ shipping:

Photo source/ available to buy:

8. The best what I found in Zara online shop: embroidered bag with beads available for 79,95 EUR. Expensive, but we have to agree- definitely chic!

Photo source/ available to buy:

Hope this post will be useful for you and make your search for fashionable bag easier! ;)

Best wishes!

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