DIY: Mini Book Necklace

Hello dears!

Today I would like to show you, I guess, one of the cutest DIY projects I've ever made. This tiny book not only looks beautiful and original, but also can be used as a notebook for significant thoughts, that lead you every time, when you wear this necklace. Such book you can make by yourself (simply sew or glue the leaves), or buy one in the bookstore and then only decorate it.

All you need for decoration is leather (I used leather from an old bag), some lace ribbon, cabochon (or other beautiful piece of jewelry with flat surface), chain.


- Cut a piece of leather, which is the same size as your book;

- Sew lace ribbon on the leather piece;

- Glue leather piece on the book surface;

- Glue your decoration on the book;

- Hang your pendant on the chain;

- Enjoy the result :)

If you have any questions- I'll be glad to be able to answer them and now let's take a look at my little creation! ;)

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