DIY - Ethnic Print Necklace

My inner fashion voice tells me, that this Spring/Summer season ethnic print and pattern, inspired by other cultures, will be trendy then ever before. In my opinion, such prints make our outfits not only more interesting, but also connect us with our history and ancestry.

Fashion goes round in circles adding a touch of nowadays life. That's why costume history is so important for me. Because how one can start reading the book, not knowing the alphabet, or making heart operation without anatomy knowledge. So I think everyone, who want to be a professional member of fashion industry, should start from costume history book. And as I already have one on my shelf, I let this Bible of clothes to inspire me... :)

After seeing these colorful necklaces from Egyptian civilization I decided to make similar one for my accessory collection, but as I haven't had a huge assortment of fabric and braids I chose a classical black&white look for my necklace.

My inspiration: Egyptian civilisation. On the left side - civilian costumes, on the right - divine finery

My inspiration: Egyptian civilisation. Internal courtyard of a private dwelling (c. 14th century B. C.)  

And here is my DIY necklace:  

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