DIY: Decorative Easter Eggs

Hello dears!

Today on my blog very special Easter post with a lot of photos!!! :)

Have you already decorated your house for Easter? Have you prepared small presents for your family members and friends? Not yet? - then I suggest you to make these lovely decorative eggs! It's a fun, easy and cheap way to create your very unique long lasting decoration!

So let's get started!

Here are materials, that you'll need for this DIY project:

First of all you need to prepare eggshells: make two holes on the egg, one on the top and other on the bottom, blow egg substance out of the shell, let the shells dry. (P.S. I strongly recommend to use white eggs, that pattern of the table-napkin would be more visible).

When your eggshells are ready you can start decorate them: take paper table-napkin, choose a pattern you want and simply glue the last layer of the napkin on the egg. Let the egg dry. (P.S. you can use hairdryer, then glue and egg are dry in a minute).

To complete the design simply glue some ribbons, beads, dry flowers, seeds or paint it with nail polish. It's all up to your creation and materials you own!

 And now I invite you to take a look at my Easter eggs and home decoration ideas!

I was working on this post almost two weeks (in my free time) so I hope it will be inspirational and helpful for you! Your opinion and comments are very welcome!

Sincerely, Julita

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