DIY Tee Box/Christmas Present Idea

Hello Hello!

In my opinion, fashion is not only clothes, shoes and accessories in the shops or glitter on the catwalks. Fashion influences our daily life and forms our understanding what is beautiful, stylish and trendy from our appearance, haircut to our furniture, interior, cars even food and leisure activities. That's why on by blog I'm going to upload not only outfits, but also other ideas, inspirations how to make our living area more beautiful and original.

Today I would like to share with you my short DIY tee box tutorial. And I think such kind of box is a perfect Christmas present! :)  And now - direct to the point!

I bought this simple wooden box in a supermarket for 3 Euros and to say truth: it looks SO BORING! :)

This is what I used for my DIY project: Simple glue, paper napkins, scissor, lacquer for wooden and of course a box.

After some cutting, gluing, polishing here we have our improved, unique Tee box! It's a perfect solution for making an orderliness in a cupboard:)

Best wishes!

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